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Gian Marco Di Francesco
App Developer at Digit S.r.l.   |   GDG Team Member
Graduated in Applied Computer Science at the University of Urbino, he has worked with Flutter from its first alpha version. Among the main projects in Flutter that he is currently working on you can find a popular Augmented Reality plugin based on ARCore and a privacy-aware location tracking application (DiAry - https://github.com/digit-srl/diAry-apps).
Antonio Seveso
CEO & Co-founder   |   Ianum Inc.
Passionate developer, he learned how to code by himself at a very young age. Android-addicted since it's early days, he has been part of projects around the mobile world development.
Currently head of a privacy-first startup he co-founded (Ianum), within this company they have adopted Flutter to built a fast, secure, reliable and privacy first App since day-.0.