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With our Bootcamp you will be able to learn Flutter through interactive LIVE groups sessions. Wherever you are in the world.

Why is Flutter the future of Mobile Development?


No matter if you want to build a brand new App, or add new features to an existing one: with Flutter you can do faster and better. We have built our 5-days Flutter coding bootcamp to teach you everything you need to start building Apps in real world.
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Course Topics

Becoming a Flutter developer is about learning a way of thinking, not just about expertise with a specific set of tools. For that reason, together with Flutter specific topics, we also teach good software design and best-practices, algorithms, data structures, and code readings.

With our intense 5 days course you will learn:

Dart Basics

Basics of the Dart programming language and its core advantages.

Flutter Intro

Basics concepts of the Flutter framework and why is so great.

UI Basics

One of the most powerful Flutter features is its Material Design integration to create amazing designs with just a few lines of code.

State Management

How to update the user interface interactively responding to user input or from asynchronous callbacks.


Smoothly animate UI elements with Flutter, with fast renderings.


Networking is the heart of an App: it's used every time we need to fetch data or communicate with the world.

Reactive Coding

State Management for the Business Logic of an App is the key for an efficient and powerful App.


Firebase tools are almost essential in any App. You can integrate them in a matter of minutes in Flutter, with the ready-to-use SDK.


A lightweight and fast NoSQL database that it's easy to lean, to use and guarantees great performance.

Add to App

Write Flutter code and integrate into an existing native, without rewriting everything from scratch!

Daily routine

Course is divided in 3 main sections:  Live Lessons, to learn new topics in lessons of 45 minutes, Live Code, to build an App along with our instructor, and Open Work Time, to experiment by yourself what you have learned so far.


Open Work Time

Students will be able to review the lesson of the previous day autonomously, as well as complete the task started the day before, getting ready for the afternoon.

2:30 PM

Day presentation

A few minutes to discuss what we will do over the next hours and eventually to collect some thoughts about the previous day.

2:30 PM
2:40 PM

Live Lessons

Daily talks with topics of incremental difficulty, from day 1 to day 5. Each lesson will be a mix of slides and LIVE code. Students can interact with the instructor, asking questions during lesson.

2:40 PM
4:30 PM

Team Live Coding

The groups of Students will be challenged to build an App over the 5 days. Each day a goal is set and, together with the instructor, students can build it, following along LIVE code. At the end of the day, a repository with a proposed solution is released.

4:30 PM
6:15 PM


Day lessons officially ends at 6:15, but real learning happens outside the classroom. We encourage you to read the materials we will provide at the end of each day, and to review what we have learned over the day.

6:15 PM
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